The best warranty that HagueNet gives you is quality.
HagueNet standard warranties protect your investment and ensure you are covered should there be a problem during the initial ownership period.
The set of activities and commitments made by HagueNet Company after the sale of software/system/device to function optimally in terms of safety, performance, and calibration of the sold goods with specific characteristics is done in the promised period. At the time of purchase, the customer is obliged to check the physical health of the product, the completeness of the accessories, check the accuracy of the technical specifications and the serial number inserted on the device and box. Based on its expert diagnosis, if necessary, the company will replace the product covered by the warranty with a similar healthy sample and correct operation guaranteed parts during the warranty period, until the end of the warranty period of the device. When the defective product is not subject to after-sales service, the appropriate product is replaced at the discretion of the company’s experts. In return, we receive a difference, a product with a higher model is delivered to the customer. HagueNet warranties stay with the product and are transferable to subsequent owners should you decide to sell your system.

Length of the warranty

HagueNet offers a standard warranty of one year of replacement and 3 years of repair at no charge.

Terms and conditions of warranty cancellation

–  Expiration of the warranty period.
–  Damage due to electrical fluctuations, application of non-standard inputs, non-standard connections, any impact, breakage, or burns.
–  Corrupt or delete the device serial number.
–  Repair and opening the device by unauthorized persons or centers.
–  Use in adverse environmental conditions such as extreme heat and humidity (outside the defined range for operation of the device)
–  Misuse is contrary to the terms of the user manual or system and device manual.
–  Any change or destruction of the device’s internal software by unauthorized persons.

Standard features of HagueNet warranties include:

Free 24/7 Telephone and email support for your product.
HagueNet is always there to respond to you with free technical and operational advice for your HagueNet products whether you are in or out of the warranty period.

Hardware repairs are typically by module exchange

HagueNet products use a modular design to facilitate manufacture and repair. In most cases, repairs can be made by diagnosing the fault to a module level and then exchanging that module.

5 years of warranty

Register your products to extend your standard three-year warranty to five years and to receive a username and password for the Registered Area on this website which contains the latest user manuals. The extended five-year warranty applies to those who register their products within 60 days of their shipping date.

Training & Commissioning

These activities include installation, commissioning tests, training, supply of spare parts, major and minor repairs, upgrades, maintenance in the case of goods related to sales contracts, the warranty period and other items will be applied by the sales contract.