Live streaming of news and events from entire locations is one of the biggest challenges of broadcasters, reporters and newsman. Sending live videos through traditional Telecom like microwaves, fibers, and satellites is expensive. Also, traditional Telecom needs extra expense for maintenance and transportation. In professional view, heavy weight and time-consuming installation of traditional equipment would result in slow reactions of users which is not desirable in modern broadcasting.

Modern IP-based equipment not only solved these drawbacks, but also provided more options. HAGUENET technical group presented IP-based video systems for sending live or recorded video streams. HAGUENET group provided mid-range and advance approaches for comfort and affordable long-distance connecting.

BitCaster is one of the products for sending live content through Internet


1. Sending content with highest quality and without delay
2. Operative all over the world
3. High video quality and latency for any portable or fixed location contribution application
4. Equipped with specific channel bonding technology (aggregation of bandwidth connection channels)
5. Over bonded unmanaged IP-based networks; i.e. 3G/4G/5G/ ,satellite and public internet to boost the bandwidth
6. Equipped with Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) technology for unstable connection moments
ABR continuously measure the network and stream and based on this assessment, ABR dynamically adapts the quality of pictures and bandwidth

Our products offer the best live video quality, latency, power consumption, weight and size compromises for any portable & on-the-move, in-vehicle or fixed location contribution applications.

Main Features

- Supporting inputs: Embedded (SDI, HDMI), Analog (L/R)
- Network stream; i.e. HLC, RTP, TS, RTMP
- Dual encoding for simultaneous Live & Record
- Hardware encoder
- Flexible encoder/transcoder
- Transmitters send the video by one of the mentioned network streams to distributor. The distributor send the video to local CDNs in same way
- SAMIM Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) stream technology: ABR continuously measure the network and stream and based on this assessment, ABR dynamically adapts the quality of pictures and bandwidth. ABR assured the transmitter that video will be delivered to distributor in unpredicted and unstable circumstances... - Over bonded unmanaged IP-based networks; i.e. 3G/4G/5G/ ,satellite and public internet to boost the bandwidth
- AES encoding for Trustful File Transfer. Recorded video files can be safely uploaded from the transmitter to the distributor.
- Metadata insertion: This feature automatically adds information such as transmitter operator’s name, time and location for live event and also enables broadcaster to add any additional information like event name, event description, etc. Information is stored in Database for archive or any other purposes.
- Video Recorder and Transcoder: Recorder module implements a software encoder to record live events or transcode recorded video files. Video Specialists can efficiently set video formats, audio video codecs, resolutions, aspect ratio, frame rate, video bitrate, audio bitrate, etc.
- Audio/Video IFB Channel. IFB application enables broadcasters to communicate remotely with transmitter’s operator over two-way audio/video channels.
- Multiple Transmitter Management. The distributor application features a list of transmitters and their current status that allows the broadcasters to play out up to 2 incoming streams on a single monitor.
- Various Outputs SDI/HDMI: Up to 2 videos can be decoded simultaneously. Point to Point and Point to Multipoint Distribution: Distributor offers multiple output streaming protocols (TS, RTMP, RTP, HLS) allowing video contents to be distributed over any IP networks. IP outputs are supported to re-stream the video contents to CDNs, Media Servers, Streaming Platforms and Social Networks.
- Web-based Management System The manager is a powerful application that enables broadcasters and video specialists to monitor and manage the entire live video contribution system including transmitters and distributor.
- Web-based GUI
- Geolocation: Identify the exact location of transmitters on a world map
- Remote Management: Get information about the real-time performance of all devices (transmitters and distributor), the resources availability and the potential warnings. Remotely set up configurations, change encoders/transcoders settings or update clients’ applications.
- Metadata Management
- Archive Management
- Log Management

Sport Aplication

Live sports events have a lot of fans all over the world. These events provided suitable video distributions for broadcasters. For sports events broadcasting, video quality and multiple cameras are played the most important role for success.
HAGUENET BitCaster achieved the highest possible synchronization of video and audio and leaded to elimination of portable production units and their expenses. On the other hand, for live streaming of sport events, cameras were carrying a various points or on the vehicle. HAGUENETBitCaster facilitated with over bonded unmanaged IP-based networks. This feature makes the highest possible bandwidth available for reporters and it is desirable for sport events.


One of the crucial challenges for news events producers is rapid streaming of events. For rapid reaction of newsmen, they need portable and rapid preparation of equipment in comparison with rivals. For instance, assuming an accident happened in populated place of city. Which broadcasting team will win the media competition? The answer is the one with fastest speed, highest quality and most secure transition of this news.
HAGUENET Bitcaster system provided rapid reaction, high quality and secure route for newsmen to win this media competition. Consequently, reports have the possibility of cover the demonstrations, march, and social important activities in shortest time possible with highest quality and security.

news events
entertainment events

Live streaming of operating digital systems, social networks, over-the-top (OTT) media service, and other streaming media service offered directly to viewers via the internet is appealing and beneficial for audiences. HAGUENET BitCaster system operated in public/private cloud and consisted of multi inputs/outputs. Also, BitCaster system simultaneously supported multiple formats. BitCaster preserved the quality during transcoding accomplishment. This system optimized simultaneously live and recorded transition videos. As well as, this system send intended content to multiple destinations like social networks, TV’s networks or online networks.

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