HAGUENET has been providing products and services in the broadcast and media industry to help the content creators and broadcasters to produce efficient and high-quality content.

Design and production of more than a hundred products and solutions such as processors, distribution amplifier, audio/video converters, fiber transport, IP gateways, audio embedder and de-embededer, satellite and terrestrial streamer and receivers. Also, other products consist of various types of routers and control panels, IP intercom, multiviewer, remultiplexer and TS processors.

Moreover, the company provides some solutions related to IP-based studios, live broadcast, audio/video chain monitoring and media asset managements.

We manufacture a vast range of audiovisual equipments based on the world latest technologies and innovations. We help broadcasters, media organizations, radio and TV networks, etc. to access best-in-breed solutions to produce and broadcast their audiovisual contents, yet in maximum quality and minimum impact

We intend to build a positive perception in the minds of our customers, competitors and internal staff, and to offer professional products in high-level standards and world-class services. We Provide hardware-based, software-based and service-based products for the global customers. We seek a notable positioning among all the key players and competitors in the market.

We are problem solvers and full of ideas to help our customers. We want to provide a joyful environment for the staff. Our products are user-friendly yet strong. We put customer first and go beyound expectations. We think big and never settle to compete our rivals.